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Form of government: republic
Population: 10,2 million inhabitants
Land area: 93 036 km2
Neighbouring countries: Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria
Counties: 19 counties and Budapest (capital)
Currency: Forint, (HUF)
Climate: Continental (summer 25-30°C, winter -4-7°C)
Highest Point: Kékes 1014 m (3327 feet)
Major rivers: Duna – Danube (417km in Hungary), Tisza- (585km in Hungary)
Major lakes: Balaton 598km2, Lake Velence, Lake Fertő, Lake Tisza
Major religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Greek Catholic, Jewish, Ortodox
Capital: Budapest (1,73 million inhabitants)
Area of Budapest: 525 km2
Districts: 23 (6 on Buda, 16 on Pest, 1 is on the Csepel island)
Highest point of Budapest: 529 m János-hill

Parts of the UNESCO World Heritage:

  • The panorama of both sides of the Danube in Budapest, including the Buda Castle Quarter. On the Buda side from Petőfi Bridge through Gellért Hill and the Tabán to the Castel Hill and Viziváros, on the Pest side from Margaret Bridge to Petőfi Bridge with the House of Parliament. (1987)
  • Old village of Hollókő with 55 typical houses among the Hills of Cserhát (1987)
  • -Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst (1995)
  • Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma, Millennium’s Memorial, Calvary Chapel and Blessed Virgin Chapel (1996)
  • -Hortobágy National Park, one of Europe’s biggest, protected grasslands, including the Nine Hole Bridge, the Village Inn and the Shepard Museum. (1999)
  • Ancient Christian memorials of Pécs, including the necropolis and its painted chambers. (2000)
  • Lake Fertő and its surroundings. Fertő is Europe’s largest salty lake. A 75% of its area belongs to Austria, the Hungarian award also contains the Fertő-Hanság National Park, the town centre of Fertőrákos, the Nagycenk Castle and the Esterházy Castle. (2001)
  • Tokaj, Capital of the Hungarian Historic Wine Region. The award covers the city itself and the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region. (2002)
  • Andrássy Street, Budapest’s 2313 meter long avenue, which leads from Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street to Heroes’ Square. (2002)


Hungarian specialities:

  • Bikavér – „Bull’s Blood” (red wine)
  • Tokaji Wine (sweet white wine)
  • Pálinka (schnaps, 40-50% alcohol content)
  • Makó Onion
  • Unicum (alcohol, liqueur 40 % alcohol content)
  • Salami (winter salami)
  • Gyulai Sausage
  • Paprika (sweet, hot, ground, cream)
  • Herend Porcelain (hand painted)
  • Zsolnay Ceramics
  • Túró Rudi (chocolate coated cottage cheese snack)
  • Lángos (fried dough)


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